Step Siblings meet up at Parents place. Super Hot Stepsister gets fucked hard by her Stepbrother


Our parents were out of town and we were just chilling at the house with my younger stepsister.  They got this really nice cozy big house with a pool and all. We were really enjoying our time. We had still like three days’ time before my mom and dad would come back.

My stepsister didn’t really care what she was wearing since it was only two of us staying at the house. She had only cute thongs and bras most of the time. I gotta admit that watching her sexy body really turns me on. For sure we did also had slight flirting going on. Of course, she wouldn’t be half-naked and showing off her body in front of me otherwise.

After she had been teasing me with her sexy outfit and flirting for like one whole day already, I decided to make my move.  I went to the kitchen and grabbed her sexy ass. She wasn’t bothered or surprised at all! Actually, she was instantly playing along! She started to open my pants and took my hard cock between her lips. Slowly she started to suck it any my boner got harder and harder.

I can tell you guys that this blowjob session was just the first part of an amazing afternoon with my stepsister. She would soon end up getting fucked so hard.