Sexy Blonde Stepsister showing off her Body. Ends up Getting Stepbrothers Hard Morning Wood


It was late morning and I was still in bed. Didn’t really feel like waking up at all. We share the room with my younger stepsister and she rushed in. She started to brag that she already went to jogging and made breakfast etc. I could not care less.

Then she started to take the same sexy selfies. At that point, my eyes kinda finally opened. I could not resist looking at her. She got the most perfect body with nice pair of boobs and big firm ass. I said to her that she looks really damn sexy. I guess she actually didn’t even take selfies but was just looking attention to me. After my compliment, she actually stepped up the game and started to show off her body even more!

At that point, I already had an idea of what would happen next.  That horny little slut wanted my cock so badly.  So I gave her what she wished for. I asked her to come next to me and she pulled my hard cock outside from pants. And It didn’t take long until she was already sucking it!