GF Gets Mad And Leaves So Step Sister Helps Brother To Cum


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My step sister heard the conversation and she came into the room pretending to be looking for cleaning supplies. Then she goes to clean the windows and starts flashing her boobs to me without my gf seeing it. However she did notice that I was staring at something. Then my stepsis walked past us and I couldn’t help but to stare again and this time my gf noticed and got very mad. She stormed out of the house and I was left without sex.

My stepsister comes back and said that she heard the conversation and that she could help me out. She started sucking my cock right there in the living room. Then I took her to the couch and started fucking my step sister from behind. I banged her hard and blew my load all over her face in the end. And at that exact moment, my gf walked back in saying that she’s sorry that she overreacted. She saw us there naked with my cum dripping stepsis and got mad again.