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Yet another long school day at college again. When I came to home with my  younger stepsister we both already felt kinda exhausted.  Unfortunately I was about to have some big exams coming soon and would  need to finish loads of home works as well. Doesn’t sound like a nice way to spend evening right? My mom was pressuring me so hard to study. She even told not to let any girl distract me or anything. Lame life.

I  tried to focus as well as I could but my step-sister begun to bug me outand asked if I can help with her home works? I was busy enough but nevertheless  I agreed to do so. I could see gratitude from her eyes and soon I would also feel it. She started to rub my dick and within few minutes my hot step-sis had my massive cock inside her mouth.  Few moments later we started to fuck like animals even tho my mom was just nearby. I banged my stepsister like crazy and cum all over her face.