Stepbrother can’t Resist his Hot Blonde Stepsister. Fucks Her Hard on the Top of the Washer


I was spying thru the window on my hot blonde stepsister who was doing laundry. She was only wearing tiny pants and a sexy pink top.  We have had some flirt going on for many weeks already. But nothing had happened so far.  And for sure I was just getting hornier and hornier every minute.

I decided that now its time to make my move. I went to the laundry room and surprised her. I grabbed her ass and started to rub her perfect round boobs.

First, she kinda panicked and didn’t know what’s going on. She told me that I can’t touch her like that because I am her stepbrother. I just shut her mouth with my hand and started to rub her pussy as well.

Soon after she actually started to relax and clearly got turned on. Next, I took off her top, kissed her amazing boobs for a while. The next step was kinda natural. I just pushed my huge cock inside my stepsisters tight pussy. She didn’t resist at all but instead took it all the way inside.