Sleepy Step-Sister Gets Mouth Full of Brothers Cum


It was a late evening and I was watching some movies on tv.  My step-sister decided to join me but she was too sleepy to stay awake and literally fell asleep on my lap. I decided to take total advantage of the situation. She had this cute overall and I slowly started to unzip it so I could reach her perfect round teen boobs. Those boobs really felt amazing. I rubbed those for a while and I could feel how my dick began to turn hard. Strangely enough, my stepsister still didn’t notice anything.

So I decided to bring the game to the next level. I took my cock out from my pants and inserted it to my step-sis mouth. She slowly started sucking my massive penis but I bet she didn’t fully realize yet what was going on. Soon her eyes opened and I could see the confusion from her eyes. Nevertheless, she didn’t stop but rather kept sucking even harder.